Wood to Wall


Photos & Artwork

What file format do you accept?
We can work with just about any file type, whilst the most popular formats are JPEG, TIFF and PDF. Also, for the best colour reproduction we suggest that your files are CMYK.

What quality should my photos be?
We suggest that all images used are at least 300dpi. If you are unsure about the quality, just get in touch and we can help you out.

How will my image print on wood?
Printing on wood is very unique, here are the key points to take into account:
- Lighter colours use less ink, showing more of the beautiful woodgrain.
- Dark areas use more ink and will cover the grain.
- Pure white areas in a photo will not print white therefore showing the plywood.

Will my print look exactly the same on screen?
The distinct character and wood grain of each plywood panel means no print will be the same. Wooden prints will have a slightly warmer tone than what you see on screen as they are printed onto a surface that isn't white (like paper). If you have any concerns we can provide you with a mockup.

What is an edge border?
An edge border is a 5mm or 10mm offset from the edge of the canvas that we do not print to reveal a plywood frame around your image.

What orientation does my artwork need to be?
Our panels are designed to hang both portrait and landscape.

Can I print more that one photo per panel?
Yes! The design of the panel is completely up to you.

Will I receive a mockup of my panel?
Yes, once you upload your artwork and submit your photo we will provide you with a digital proof to approve before going to print. 

Use & Care

How can I hang my wood panel?
We have designed our panels with both portrait and landscape keyholes on the back making them ready-to-hang out of the box. Simply add a hanging device to the wall and hang your panel.

How do I care for my panel?
You can clean or dust your panel with a slightly damp micro-fibre cloth. Be careful not to soak the panel, scratch it, or use abrasive and damaging materials.

Does the ink smear or smudge?
No, the print is UV cured and will not smear or smudge.

Ordering & Shipping

How long is production time?
We lovingly hand-sand, print and pack each panel in Melbourne, allowing up to 10 working days production. Please be aware that we can get quite busy at times and if you have any questions regarding the timing of your order or if you have a deadline please don't hesitate to email us and we will try our best to accommodate you.

How long does shipping take?
From the time of dispatch, standard shipping will take 5-7 days, while express shipping will take only 2 days anywhere in Australia.

Can I place a wholesale order?
For all wholesale enquires please email us.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes! If you are overseas and would like to order a WTW product or would like to send a panel overseas, please contact us.

What if the item arrives damaged?
Please email us within 3 days of receiving your damaged panel with photographs of the packaging and of the damage on the panel.