Wood to Wall

Wood panels in the process of being printed

Wood to Wall is a bespoke Melbourne based studio created by designers Cass and Amar (that's us by the way), bringing our love of print to life. What started as a simple idea to print on wood, quickly developed into a truly unique fusion of design and print... that is where our story begins. We love what we do and we are super excited to share this with you. Personalise your own art on the create page or shop our limited edition prints. And yes, everything we do is 100% Melbourne made, designed and printed. For design collaborations, general chats, quirky facts about plywood, or anything else just email us.

Plywood dreams

Our aim is to design a high quality product with a minimalist aesthetic to complement any artwork. Working with such a natural material gives each panel its own personality. To provide an ethical product, we only print on high grade birch plywood that is sustainably harvested and FSC certified.

Form meets function

Each wood panel features a flat printable surface, angled edges and ready-to-hang keyholes. This winning combination creates the illusion of depth and dimension on your wall, whilst retaining a pared back and simple design. Most importantly your artwork will always be the hero!

It’s all about grain

Each panel is printed on demand using our fancy UV printer. Unlike normal print, the ink is infused into the wood, allowing the woodgrain to show through without compromising the vibrancy of colours. Because of this, images printed on wood may slightly differ to that of other processes.

Mix and match

During the design process, we quickly came to the realisation that mixing and matching panels is a lot of fun. This is why we have designed a variety of shapes and sizes that complement each other. We would love to see what you can create with our panels. Get creative - print on wood!